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for your hotel operation

We dont disagree that your current system works adequately, but if you trust us, we would like to be your partner as you progress towards greater dimensions of effieciency and profitability

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Cutting-edge applications

for decentralized protocols

We believe in internet where users own data and not corporation, so global digital transactions are secure and all online exchange of information and value are decentralized

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Moving Forward to society 5.0 with tHUB-X

Proudly released tHUB-X as a Universal data exchange protocol infrastructure for travel & tourism society 5.0

tHUB-X is free, Open Source, interactive codes and allow you to build any travel & tourism solutions based on tHUB-X protocols.

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Why they choose us

Future Proof

Built to last, with our sustain & latest technology


The most complete and advance hotel system solution

Simple and powerful

A smart, affordable, complete solution to fulfill your key business tasks, enhance productivity and increase the profitable growth of your business

decentralized cloud

We protect your valued investment, through our newest Pyxis-X gateway technology simplify connection of your on-premise server to the global world easily

Modular design

Offers the freedom of choiches to help you get what you need with a basic cost effective and add modules any time

Direct bookings

Leverage web-booking engine and Pyxis-X mobile to drive more commission-free and increase revenue

Seamless integration

Best of breed features & functionality in every module with seamless integration

One step ahead

We have been serving the industry since 1988 and firmly believe in all its needs and always feel challenged to innovate

Go mobile

Pyxis-X enable your staff running the complete hotel operation from smartphones while improving better services to guests

Take informed decisions

Keep track of KPIs on employees & hotel performance and take fact-based insightful decision

Easy to Use

Customers love our work for it's ease.

Customer Care

Ensure your hotel operation is up and running all the time with our 24/7 support

Love and trusted by more than 900+ Hotels & Restaurants


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Pyxis Ultimate Solution, PT

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Pyxis Building

East Java - Indonesia


Aryacom Technology, CV

Grand Sudirman Agung B-26, Denpasar

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Bali - Indonesia

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